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Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed. is an adult sex educator and author helping couples have better sex, deeper intimacy and become better lovers. Visit her website (http://www.smolderingembers.com/) to subscribe to her free Great Sex Tip of the Month Newsletter and get a Free Sex Guide.

Why It’s Okay For Him To Look At Other Women

First it’s important for the woman to understand that it is a law of nature that men look. It’s just a fact we have to live with, however, when you understand that it’s...

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Not Having Enough Sex? Here’s The Secret To Increasing Her Sex Drive

One of the most common points of conflict for couples in a long-term relationship is the loss of sexual desire for the woman. The loss of sex drive for women may occur for a...

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Men, Do You Know the 3 Reasons She’s Unhappy With Your Sex Life?

Many women are not having a sex life that is as satisfying as they would like it to be, because their sexual needs are not being met adequately in their relationship. There are...

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4 Tips To Keep His Eyes From Wandering

Although most men enjoy looking at other women, assuming we’re dealing with at least a semi-emotionally healthy man, who doesn’t have ego, sex addiction or Don Juan issues,...

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