Divorced After 23 Years – How Do I Move On?


It's difficult when any relationship ends, whether you're the one who ends it or not. It can be especially difficult if the relationship has lasted for several years, even twenty or more years. If you're not the one who broke it off, being on the losing end of a break up or divorce can be a tough … [Read more...]

Webcam Love Affair – Will It Work?


In the digital age, internet relationships and love affairs are becoming more and more common. Dating websites are running rampant and the invention of webcams and microphones, you can have an almost face to face conversation with someone else. Unfortunately, many of these internet relationships … [Read more...]

Can Swinger Relationships REALLY Work?


Nowadays, you hear so much about open relationships and swinging, where partners will team up with other couples (or even go their separate ways) to have new and fun sexual experiences with other people. You also sometimes hear how this is essentially a recipe for disaster, but you've thought about … [Read more...]