How to Get Over Shyness & Fear of Rejection to Get the Girl


If you’ve never had a crush on a girl or boy and have felt a little shy about asking them out – well, you’re not human. Everyone has had their run-ins with “hard to get” guys and girls and sometimes asking them out is a heck of a lot easier said than done. If you’ve got someone special that you … [Read more...]

Finding Love Online This Valentine’s Day and The Perfect Last Minute Gift Idea…


"Love Bytes!" That's what more and more people are saying this Valentine's Day. KFWB's Jennifer Bauman looks at how the internet has grown into the matchmaker of this millennium. Here's a KFBW Exclusive Featuring Jennifer Bauman from KFBW and Dan and Jennifer from Are you … [Read more...]

Sex Toys 101 – What They Are, Where To Get Them, and Why You Shouldn’t Share Them With Your Friends


Perhaps as a sign of the times, many people like to joke and tease about sex toys , but few have actually seen - or Gasp! - actually USED any sex toys for fun and pleasure... to add some spice to their sex lives. Which begs the question... Do normal people actually use sex toys? Of course they do! … [Read more...]