Relationship Advice: Help! I’m Addicted To Drama!


A relationship should be a safe zone for you - but what if it's not? What if your relationship is nothing but fighting? What if YOU'RE the one starting it? My boyfriend and I are in an endless cycle of fighting and making up. My friends say I should dump him, but I’m addicted to the push/pull. I … [Read more...]

My Wife Spends More Time With Her Friends Than Me!


Marriage is a partnership between two great friends - but what happens when your marriage gets less time than her best girls do? My wife seems to be way more interested in the well being of her girlfriends over me. It’s kind of to the point where I’m wondering if she’s more interested sexually, … [Read more...]

Is He Ready For A Serious Relationship?


Dating is fun, but sometimes you want to move on to something more committed. How can you tell if your partner is ready to move past the dating phase? I'm dating this amazing guy. But I'm the first girl he's dated seriously since his last serious relationship ended. I want a future with him, and I'm … [Read more...]