Sex: Physical Vs. Emotional And Why You Need To Know The Difference


Sex has several facets to it, but the biggest two are the physical side of sex and the emotional side of sex. Here's why YOU need to understand the difference. Every time sex is on the table, two elements come in focus – there’s a PHYSICAL and a PSYCHOLOGICAL-EMOTIONAL side. One is not more … [Read more...]

Oral Sex Techniques That Don’t Involve The Clitoris


Oral sex techniques almost always concentrate on her clitoris - here are some oral sex techniques that focus on the REST of her incredible hot spots! Wait, what’s that? The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body and is partially if not wholly responsible for a woman’s orgasm during … [Read more...]

Oral Sex: Why YOU Need To Think About Safer Fellatio!


Oral sex isn't as risky as intercourse when it comes to STD's, but there is still plenty of risk involved. There's even more risk involved if you swallow your partner's semen. Here's the reason YOU need to think about safer fellatio! Safer Oral Sex This is a question with a simple enough answer – or … [Read more...]