Q&A: The Other Woman – Is It Love or Curiosity?


For women, dating men that have many friends of the opposite sex can be stressful. Finding out that your partner is starting to have romantic feelings for one of his female friends is nothing less than emotionally devestating. Can you chalk it up to being typical male sexual curiousity, or is there … [Read more...]

Elin And Tiger’s Move Too Soon?


One source is referring to Elin and Tiger Woods the “married divorced couple” and with the pair's decision to move back in together to help “rebuild his image,” it seems that this nomenclature may actually make sense. There's nothing wrong with taking some time apart after something as painful as … [Read more...]

Q&A: She Was Sexting Another Man – Can I Trust Her?


Finding out that your partner is cheating is hard - what can be even more difficult is suspecting your partner of cheating, especially if all the signs of infidelity are there, but never actually getting a firm, concrete answer one way or the other. How can you find out your partner is cheating for … [Read more...]