10 Tips for Surviving Valentine’s Day Whether You’re Single or Attached


As the big day approaches, it’s easy to lose perspective and go into meltdown mode… 1. Remember that Valentine's Day is ONE day out of a whole 365 days! If you’re attached, keep yourself grounded in this reality and avoid making Valentine’s the tipping point of your relationship. If you’re single, … [Read more...]

If You Think The Law Of Attraction Won’t Work For You, You’re Probably Right! Here’s Why…


By now you have probably heard the phrase “Law of Attraction”, it’s been quite the buzz word in pop culture for the past few years.  The Law of Attraction is the concept that we attract into our lives what we think about. There are some who doubt the Law of Attraction but there aren’t too many … [Read more...]

Why Do Happy Couples Suddenly Fall Out Of Love?


It seems to be a complete mystery. Something we cannot understand. And yet it happens every day all around us: People who used to love each other madly suddenly fall out of love, just like that. What are the reasons? Sarah's Story: Sarah and her boyfriend had been the perfect couple. It was as if … [Read more...]

Why You’d Be Crazy To Get Married Before You’re 30


Marriage in your twenties is for the birds! Marriage and Me I never talk about marriage... Not that I’m against marriage, nor am I commitment phobic . I’ve been married. It lasted three years and one day. It was basically like a lease. At the end she still had low mileage, that “new wife smell,” and … [Read more...]

How To Be A Good, Responsible Dad And Still Have Great Sex With Your Wife


Can you really be a good husband AND a great lover? Remember that she was your wife before she was ‘mom’. Married couples and especially new parents often forget this very important fact. You were couple before you were parents. Your biggest responsibility as parents is to love your children and … [Read more...]