It’s OK to Trust: How You Can Overcome The Fear of Intimacy


Cold silences. Angry outbursts. Heart wrenching dread that he (or she) is cheating on you. Suddenly everything starts going wrong, and a relationship that seemed so promising is suddenly on the brink of disaster. You can’t imagine how things could break down so rapidly. Fear of Intimacy This problem … [Read more...]

How To Be More Attractive & Less Needy By Releasing The Fear Of Being Alone Today


The fear of being alone inflicts on anyone who harbors it feelings of insecurity, anxiety, low self esteem and self worth, the tendency to depend and rely too readily on others and their opinions, feelings of emptiness and a needy disposition that makes them unattractive to others. In other words … [Read more...]

I’m Leaving You! Does The Punishment Really Fit The Crime?


If you've been in a relationship where you or your partner threaten to leave or end the relationship when you're angry, you're not alone. In reality, this is often something people do out of frustration and desperation. You may not be planning to leave or end the relationship at all, even though … [Read more...]