Do You Know The Secret To Marital Bliss?


Wow! I'm so Glad I Married You! The main thing I remember about being with my ex-husband is how angry I felt all the time. I was always unhappy with him about something. He didn’t care if the living room was covered with screws from the many computer parts he was constantly putting together. He … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Survive Being Around Your In-Laws This Holiday Season


Hardly anyone I know can say that their families don't have "issues" of some kind or another. This is just part of life for most of us - navigating through our family’s overt or covert drama. For some of us the complications in our families of origin are far more intricate and obvious than for … [Read more...]

Could Your Need for Control be Ruining Your Relationship?


All of us seem to have a craving for power. We are all driven to get control over the situations we find ourselves in, and mostly, over our partners. We think to ourselves - "If she would only do what we want her to do," or "If he would only do what I need him to do," then life would be better. In … [Read more...]

The Little Known Secret to Getting What You Want From Your Partner


Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Really! He leaves his things on the floor and then gripes about the house being a mess.  He doesn’t seem to get it that I want him to listen to my feelings. He is so distant and in his head all the time. Why doesn’t he act like he cares about me? That woman! … [Read more...]