Attracting the Relationship You Want Instead of the One You Left


Unless you have been hiding underneath a rock you have heard about the Law of Attraction in the past couple of years. Since the movie “the Secret” came out it seems that everyone has been talking about it. Basically the Law of Attraction says that you will attract what you think about. So of … [Read more...]

The Top 10 Relationship Success Secrets That Everyone Ought to Know


As a couple’s therapist, I’ve seen a myriad of relationships styles. People who come in for counseling are clearly looking to change something they see problematic in their partnership. The problems range from the relatively benign tweaks in communication to serious pain and trust violations due to … [Read more...]

Rock Star Syndrome – Are You In Love With Him or the IDEA of Him?


Every little girl grows up wanting to be a beautiful princess. So is it any wonder that young girls are so attracted to rock stars, movie stars, and pop idols? After all, they're waiting for their gorgeous prince to ride in and rescue them, after which they'll fall in love, get married, and live … [Read more...]