Erotic Massage For Better Sex Review

Erotic Massage For Better Sex is a guide that is designed to help a man learn how to give a woman an incredibly arousing, relaxing sexual massage. If you've ever "massaged" your partner before sex, you already know the power that just a few simple strokes have to relax both her mind and body. … [Read more...]

LELO Mia Review

The LELO Mia is a tiny, USB chargable vibrator that allows for maximum pleasure with the ultimate amount of discretion. A definite must have sex toy! If you’re a woman who wants the ultimate in discretion when it comes to a sex toy, the LELO Mia is right up your alley. It’s super small, super … [Read more...]

LELO Elise Review

The LELO Elise is an absolutely gorgeous sex toy – if you were to try to imagine what an “artistic” sex toy might look like, this would be it. It’s shaped like a long, curved torpedo and has a smooth, rounded tip. It’s as sultry as decadent dark chocolate and it’s firm – not flexible – so it’s … [Read more...]

The Female Orgasm Blueprint Review

The Female Orgasm Blueprint is a comprehensive guide on how to give women orgasms a variety of different ways - through fingering, oral sex and more. The videos aren't HD or very visually appealing, but the instructor, Jason Julius, doesn't have to have fancy props (besides his incredibly realistic … [Read more...]