Why A Handjob Can Be Better Than A Blowjob!


A handjob might take you back to highs school, but it can be better than a blowjob. The touch of a soft ladies hand stroking our rod and lightly caressing our scrotum and nearby regions is divine. Most men who have been the fortunate recipient of a magnificent handjob will attest that it is often … [Read more...]

How To Get Any Girl BEGGING For You To Sleep With Them!


Foreplay is essential to getting primed for sex. Even if you’re the best lover in the world, getting to a point where your girl is ready can be more erotic than the actual act. As a guy, we’re ready for sex at any point. We go from limp to hard in a matter seconds. While this is great for a … [Read more...]

Erotic Massage from A-Z – How To Master Foreplay NOW!!!


Erotic massage seems easy but the challenge lies in doing it correctly. Become a master of the massage with these EASILY learned strokes for better sex tonight! The Basic Strokes 1.    GLIDING – The most commonly used stroke, gliding is executed by simply sliding your palms over lover’s skin, … [Read more...]