Best Oral Sex Tips Of 2010

Oral sex is something just about every girl loves. Some women don’t like the sensations that cunnilingus gives them, but those women are definitely few and far between. The far majority of girls love having their clitoris licked and sucked, and some women who can’t reach orgasm through sex can only reach orgasm through oral sex!

Something about the way a man’s mouth feels on her most intimate areas will drive a woman absolutely wild! Did you know a woman has over 8,000 pleasurable nerve endings in her clitoris alone? These nerves (and the clitoris) were designed for pleasure and pleasure only – they serve absolutely no other purpose.  You can actually give a woman the most amazing orgasm she’s ever had in her life through oral sex alone. However, not every guy (in fact, most guys) really know how to go down on a woman the way she really wants it. Few men know the hot spots to focus on, when to go slow, when to speed up and whether they should use their tongue, fingers or both.

When it comes to giving your partner head, knowing ahead of time what to do and when can mean the difference between a complete dud and a sheet grabbing climax. Instead of heading down south and fumbling around next year, check out our hottest oral sex techniques of this year so you can get a jump start on giving her mind blowing, leg shaking orgasms with your mouth!

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