Incredible Techniques To Give Your Girl The ULTIMATE Orgasm!


The path to orgasm looks very different for a woman than it does for a man. It is infinitely easier for a man to cum than a woman. However, a woman can cum exponentially more times than a man can. That is, when she can climax at all. A lot of women can only achieve climax through self … [Read more...]

Q&A: MILF Fantasy – I Want To Have Sex With My Step-Mom!


A MILF fantasy is actually quite common - there are many guys out there that either have or had a really hot step-mother who they couldn't help but be attracted to! Of course it's inappropriate, but lots of guys experience it. Most of the time, it passes and nothing more is ever said about it. But … [Read more...]

Oral Sex: How To Push All Her Hot Buttons!

Ask Dan & Jennifer -

There’s no denying that couples of all ages love to engage in oral sex practices. In fact, married couples are likely to have more sex, and more varied sex, than single people and, according to stats, even oral sex is more common in married couples rather than single couples. So here’s some advice … [Read more...]