3 Mistakes That Most Women Make When Brushing Up On Their Skills On How To Give A Handjob


Whether it's the cramps, the fact that you feel unattractive because you're still trying to lose the baby weight, you're PMS'ing or you just plain are not in the mood, there will come a time when you'll say no to your man's request to have sex. If you don't feel like it, why deny him the pleasure … [Read more...]

How To Give A Guy Head: Be A Diva In Bed & Give Him A Mind-Blowing Orgasm Using Your Mouth!


Ask any man what type of sexual favor it is that they would like to receive from a woman and the one answer that you would get is: getting a blowjob. Whether you call it giving head, going down on him or performing fellatio – it all boils down to one thing – the fact that you should sharpen your … [Read more...]

How to Give a Blowjob: 3 Steps that You can Follow to Give Him an Earth Shattering Orgasm Using Your Mouth & Hands!


When it comes to the aspect of giving a man sexual pleasure, learning how to give head is probably the ultimate skill that you can attain. Nothing turns on a man more than the sight of a woman going down on her knees and worshipping his penis with his point of view. As such, it would definitely be … [Read more...]