Taming The Tiger: Exploring Female Sexual Pleasure


Female sexuality has always been a source of mystery and power.  Even during ancient times, philosophers and poets often devoted themselves to discovering the hidden secrets of female sexuality. However, many of these exposed “secrets” painted female sexuality as something to be feared as opposed … [Read more...]

Tantric Massage: How to Give Your Partner the Ultimate Sexual Experience


Do you want to give your lover the ultimate experience in sheer pleasure?  I’m not just talking about “oh, that feels good” kind of pleasure, either. I’m talking about the kind of soulful, intense pleasure that will have your partner reaching the brink of sexual nirvana and seeing stars for … [Read more...]

Erotic Massage: How Erotic Touch Can Turn Up the Heat in Your Bedroom


It’s no secret that when it comes to turning up some serious heat in the bedroom, nothing is more effective, or pleasurable, than erotic touching. After all, the right touch or caress can arouse both you and your partner for some exciting foreplay, bring you to the brink of nirvana over and over … [Read more...]

How to Finger A Girl


There’s a real, hot sexiness to being able to bring your woman to a climax by just using your fingers. Consider the fact that her body is – literally – under the command of your fingers and that you are able to WATCH her intently as you bring her to writhing pleasure. Now, isn’t that sexy and … [Read more...]