First Time Sex Tips – 5 Signs You’re Emotionally Ready for Sex


Sex is a part of a lasting relationship. Men and women alike need an outlet for their emotions, and there’s no better one than love making. Sex makes you feel connected with your partner in the most intimate way possible. By engaging in sex, you’re opening up yourself to your partner physically, … [Read more...]

Q&A: Wife Wants 9000 Penises


One of the biggest issues in sexually active relationships are sex drives that don't match up between two partners. One partner may want sex all the time and the other may have a little bit more of a muted libido. What can you do if your partner wants more sex than you feel like you can physically … [Read more...]

Q&A: Help! My Penis Is Too Big!


While many guys may worry that their penis is too small to please their partner, others worry that their penis is too big to fit and if it will hurt their partner. Some women can be intimidated by a very large penis, because they're not sure it's actually going to fit in there. It will, but here's … [Read more...]