Best Sex Toys & Vibrators Of 2011

Sex toys and vibrators make getting it on so much more fun!

Using a vibrator or a g-spot stimulator can help a woman to discover new things about her body and have orgasms like she’s never had before, while masturbating with a soft jelly or silicone sleeve can feel way better than his hand.

Items specifically designed for sexual pleasure are becoming more and more popular, with less and less taboo surrounding them. Many people are choosing to take sexual pleasure into their own hands and investing in sex toys for the very first time. Also, more and more couples are venturing into the sex toy arena in an effort to spice up their sex life. Using sex toys as a couple, either on each other or as an addition to oral sex or fingering, can make sex with your partner hotter than it ever has been before!

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Here are some our favorite sex toys that we’ve tried this year – don’t forget to get yours!

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