Extase Elegance Vibrator Review

The Extase Elegance Vibrator is a "luxury" style g-spot vibrator that is affordable and has great quality. It's an excellent choice if you don't want to spend a lot of money. If you're looking for an elegant, high quality vibrator that isn't as expensive as some of the luxury vibrators out there, … [Read more...]

LELO Elise Review

The LELO Elise is an absolutely gorgeous sex toy – if you were to try to imagine what an “artistic” sex toy might look like, this would be it. It’s shaped like a long, curved torpedo and has a smooth, rounded tip. It’s as sultry as decadent dark chocolate and it’s firm – not flexible – so it’s … [Read more...]

Adam And Eve Vibrator Sampler Review

The Adam And Eve Vibrator Sampler is an excellent choice for new sex toy users that want to experiment with different styles of sex toys to find out what they like best. It's also a great option for women and couples who just want more than one toy to play with! There are lots of features that each … [Read more...]

Ogee Twistee G-Vibe

One of the most flexible vibrators out there, the Ogee Twistee G-Vibe offers quite a bit not only to couples who desire to have more variety during sex, but also to women who want to experience multiple sensations without having to buy an entire line of sex toys. It has its drawbacks, however, it's … [Read more...]