Almost-69 For Him Oral Sex Position


In the Almost-69 For Him oral sex position, he’s receiving a blowjob in the same position as 69, but without having to reciprocate. Very hot!

How To Do It

Both partners lie on their sides as though they were about to assume the side-by-side 69 sex position, with each partner facing the other’s feet. The female partner will proceed to give him oral sex, and while he is in the position to do the same for her, he doesn’t. He simply relaxes and enjoys what she’s doing to him!

Where To Do It

The Almost-69 For Him oral sex position can be done in a variety of places, especially narrow ones like the backseat of a car. Since both partners are lying side by side, not as much space is required. Use your imagination here!

Props You’ll Need


Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


The Almost-69 For Him oral sex position is comfortable for her, but she may just wish he would go down on her at the same time and turn it into a regular 69!

His O-Meter


While he does enjoy regular 69, the idea of using the Almost-69 For Him oral sex position is a bonus for him because he gets to concentrate on his own pleasure instead of trying to split his concentration between receiving pleasure and giving her oral sex at the same time.


If he wants her to get more out of the Almost-69 For Him oral sex position, he can easily use his fingers to stimulate her clitoris, her g-spot or even her anus if she likes anal play.

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