Spork Sex Position


The Spork sex position is a sweetly intimate, side by side sex position you can use for rear entry vaginal sex or even anal sex if you like. A must try!

How To Do It

Assume the traditional spooning sex position, with both partners lying on their side and the male partner resting the front of his torso and groin against his partner’s back and rear end. Instead of leaving the legs straight like in the spooning sex position, the female partner will draw her legs all the way up against her chest so she is in the fetal position. Her partner will draw his legs up slightly to curve around her form, and will wrap his arms around her torso.

Where To Do It

The bed is of course the easiest place to use the Spork sex position, however, you can get creative with it. Try it on a picnic blanket out in the middle of a field, or in the back of a pick up truck!

Props You’ll Need


Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


The Spork sex position isn’t as exciting for her as other sex positions because her clitoris is almost completely non-accessible and her g-spot doesn’t get much action either. This is more of a novelty for her than anything else.

His O-Meter


He enjoys the intimacy of the Spork sex position, as well as the rear entry angle. However, he doesn’t get much of a view here and can’t really see what is going on, so his visual system isn’t going to be as stimulated as it is with other sex positions where he can watch the action.


She can turn her head to gaze deeply into his eyes and make a soulful, intimate connection during lovemaking. He can also reach around and fondle her breasts and nipples while in the Spork sex position.


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