Squat Sex Position


The Squat sex position is a challenging standing position that requires lots of balance on the female partner’s part. It’s fun to try if you can do it!

How To Do It

For the male partner, the Squat sex position is particularly simple, because all he’s doing is standing in front of his partner, who is facing away from him. She stands on an ottoman or stool (a chair is likely going to be too high) and squats down, bringing her buttocks close to her lover’s groin. He holds on to her hips as he thrusts. The Squat sex position is great for both rear entry and anal sex!

Where To Do It

Like with almost all standing sex positions, the Squat sex position is very versatile as to where it can actually be accomplished. You may want to do it at home where you have access to different things for her to stand on (this will help you achieve a comfortable height), but it can be done anywhere you can stand.

Props You’ll Need

An ottoman or stool for her to stand on.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


The Squat sex position is more difficult for her than it is pleasurable. She may dig the deep penetration, but she has to balance herself in such a way that it may feel like she’s going to fall off the stool or ottoman with the thrusting. It’s also going to be very easy for her to get leg cramps in this position, even if she’s quite athletic.

His O-Meter

He totally loves the Squat sex position because it’s easy for him to do and shows off his lady. He gets to watch all the action, and if he likes butts, he’s really going to enjoy caressing, squeezing and playing with her buttocks. He may be disappointed if she can’t keep this sex position up for long, but it’s definitely one that is difficult for her to stay in for any significant period of time.


If both partners are into anal play, he can easily use his hands, fingers or a sex toy to give her anal stimulation during intercourse.

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