Over The Desk Sex Position


The Over The Desk Sex Position is a kinky variation Standing Doggy. The variation is that the female parter is bent over a desk or table and gently held down to introduce some light bondage into the position.

How To Do It

The female partner stands facing away from her partner and lays flat on the desk, table or other object. He enters her from behind while standing. It’s very simple, but elicits exceptionally deep penetration and intense sensations for both partners.

Where To Do It

Anywhere you can find a flat surface for her to lay over. Tables, desks, cars, or counter tops are great options.

Props You’ll Need

In addition to the flat surface, you can add a blindfold, cuffs, or silk ties can increase the pleasure.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


Women who enjoy being controlled, really deep penetration and a-spot stimulation will get a lot out of the Over The Desk sex position. Women who are more timid or prefer lots of clitoral stimulation during intercourse won’t like this one as much.

His O-Meter


He loves to control her, and he loves the Standing Doggy sex position just as much, if not more. He loves seeing her bent over just for him, and he loves grabbing her hips and thrusting deeply into her. He’s in total control here, and the angle of penetration easily allows for him to insert his entire penis from tip to base. This is a must try sex position for him!


To increase the kink factor on this one, he can add a spreader bar to keep her legs spread wide for him!

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