Cowboy Sex Position

Sex Positions: Cowboy

If you imagine the Cowgirl sex position but with the man on top, you have the Cowboy sex position. It's a fun twist on missionary, or "him on top" sex! How To Do It The female partner lies on her back with her legs pressed together, as if she were in the traditional Missionary sex position. Her … [Read more...]

Coital Alignment Technique Sex Position

Sex Positions: Coital Alignment

The Coital Alignment Technique is a sex position that can be used to increase a woman's chances of orgasm in the Missionary sex position. It's a slight variation on Missionary that allows for her clitoris to receive more stimulation than in actual Missionary, making it a great sex position to use … [Read more...]

Climbing The Flagpole Sex Position

Sex Positions: Climbing The Flagpole

The Climbing The Flagpole sex position is a deep penetration twist on Missionary that is great for both partners. It's comfortable for most women, yet totally erotic and orgasmic! There's not too much strain on either partner as long as she is fairly flexible, and the view for both is … [Read more...]

Delight Sex Position

Sex Positions: Delight

A variation on Missionary, the Delight sex position is simple but both intimate and erotic. It's a perfect sex position to use if you want lots of eye contact, but it's also great if you want to get kinky and watch the action down below. You definitely want to try this one, or use it again and … [Read more...]

Cradle Sex Position

Sex Positions: Cradle

The Cradle is definitely considered an "exotic" sex position, and it can be a little difficult to master, but is highly rewarding if you do. The female partner needs to be fairly flexible, but if she can bend this way, it gives her partner a great show and the perfect angle for nipple or clitoral … [Read more...]