Best Dating Tips Of 2010

Dating is intimidating, to say the least. Learning how to date successfully takes more than just asking a girl or guy out. In fact, many men and women have given up on the “dating game” all together simply because it can be extremely difficult to snag a date – and often, the repeated rejection hurts. If you’re having trouble getting a date, it’s most likely not because you’re “undateable.” In fact, quite the opposite!

Dating doesn’t come naturally – most successful daters have been doing it for awhile and have learned from their mistakes. If you want to be good at it, you have to not only learn the correct techniques to use (what to say and when to say it), but you also have to practice! Practice, of course, makes perfect. It’s not about pick up lines or how “suave” you are or even how good looking you are.

Getting a date is much more about being real and connecting with someone with whom you have chemistry. Finding this person, however, can be the hard part. Here are our top dating tips of the past year – use them to create a new year’s dating plan!

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