In Love and Dating… Does Our Age Difference Really Matter?


In the day in age where celebrity couples and other couples are dating even though they're five or even ten years apart in age, it can lead many people to believe that age doesn't matter when dating or getting married. In truth, it does matter but it matters less and less as you get older. Should … [Read more...]

She Gave Me Her Number… Should I Ask Her Out On A Date?


Making a move on someone you've known awhile can be frustrating. Where do you start? How do you know when the right time is? What do you say? The question of whether to ask them out is a huge one. Should you or shouldn't you? Dear Dan and Jennifer, Hi, I have liked this girl for about a year. Last … [Read more...]

Are You Dating Mr. Or Mrs. Maybe? Stop It Already!


I’m not sure where exactly it happened. But somewhere along the way our culture decided that “dating” was synonymous with “having sex”.  At the very least it’s viewed as such in the narrow minds of enough of the general population to keep tons of self-conscious people all over the fruited plain … [Read more...]