Is Cross Dressing A Turn Off To Women?


Cross dressing isn't something that's a totally foreign concept to women, but not many of them have dated a guy that likes to cross dress. Does that mean cross dressing is a turn off to women, or do some women enjoy cross dressing? Or do still other women just not mind it? Here's what you want to … [Read more...]

Did You Get Your Fun, Sexy Halloween Costume Yet?


Think back to your childhood for a moment, and remember all the fun you had with playing dress up and trying on all those cool costumes for Halloween... And then ask yourself... why should kids have all the fun, while all the adults grow up and become boring and stodgy? Well, there are a lot of … [Read more...]

Turn Fantasies into Reality with Sexy Lingerie


The female body is a thing of beauty, and nudity can be very satisfying. But full nudity is rarely involved in true seduction. The fine art of teasing with what is just out of view is always a favorite technique employed by the most sought after sexy ladies. Lingerie and sexy costumes are proven … [Read more...]