The REAL Truth About The G-Spot (And How To Find It!)

Female Orgasm

The g-spot is often considered the holy grail of sex - if you can find her g-spot and get her to orgasm with it, you're in for a wild ride! Here's how. Who Invented The G-Spot? Nobody! It has always been there, silently awaiting discovery. In the 1950’s, Dr. Grafenberg (hence the term “G”-spot) … [Read more...]

6 Side By Side Sex Positions That Will Leave Her Breathless


Sex positions will ramp up your sex life in ways you never thought possible! Try these killer "cuddle" sex positions that your girl will absolutely LOVE! Sideways sex positions are more of a hybrid than a category of positions in their own right; they offer all the benefits of rear-entry without … [Read more...]

The Best Sex Tips You’ve Never Heard Of


Sex tips are often things you see over and over again - the same ones, literally beat into your brain. But here are some incredible sex tips that are brand new! Everyone could always use a really great sex tip, regardless of your skill level. From passionless missionary sex to oral sex that is more … [Read more...]