Q&A: Help! My Penis Is Too Big!


While many guys may worry that their penis is too small to please their partner, others worry that their penis is too big to fit and if it will hurt their partner. Some women can be intimidated by a very large penis, because they're not sure it's actually going to fit in there. It will, but here's … [Read more...]

Is My Penis Too Big To Fit?


Many men worry about having a penis that is too small to really pleasure their partner. On the other side of the spectrum, however, there are some men that have penises that may be so large that they end up hurting their partner. Vaginas are designed to stretch and accomodate a variety of penis … [Read more...]

The Long And Short Of Penis Size


There’s no doubt about it - men are absolutely obsessed with their penises. It’s a fact of life! Men who feel they have small penises wish they had bigger ones and men with large penises. . .well, they wish they had bigger ones too. You’ve probably read some of our articles on penis size, but we’re … [Read more...]