The Female Orgasm Explained – MASTER The Female Climax TONIGHT!

Female Orgasm

A female orgasm was considered to be a myth for a long time. With nothing but personal accounts to go by, it was hard for male scientists to accept that there was a function and reason behind the elusive experience. Now scientists of both genders think they understand some of the purpose and … [Read more...]

How To Master The ULTIMATE Orgasm!


An orgasm gives some men the impression that the women should be responsible for stimulating themselves. This has always seemed a bit unfair to me, since the woman is providing him with the stimulation he needs to reach orgasm. So shouldn’t he do the same to give her an orgasm? However, when handled … [Read more...]

8 SUPER HOT Fresh Takes On The Missionary Position For Guaranteed Orgasms!


Sex positions can easily spice up your relationship, but make sure to follow the instructions closely. A small shift in your lover's hips, body or where she distributes her weight can mean the difference between discomfort and pain, or pleasure and climax. Remember my recommendation for sex … [Read more...]

Female Orgasm TRUTH! How Age Affects Her Climax


The female orgasm is extremely elusive. It may be easy to assume that because you have an orgasm most or all of the times you have sex, your wife is having a smashing time as well, but statistics also show that only about 44% of adults are happy with their sex life. While you are more likely to be … [Read more...]

How Touching Can Affect Her Orgasm – Learn This For Better Sex NOW!


A female orgasm is not just about how deep your strokes are or big your penis is. The human hand is an intricate masterpiece capable of great works of art or science; yet if asked to name your most “handy tool” in the bedroom, your fingers might be the last thing on your mind! Intimately linked with … [Read more...]