The Female Orgasm Explained – MASTER The Female Climax TONIGHT!

Female Orgasm

A female orgasm was considered to be a myth for a long time. With nothing but personal accounts to go by, it was hard for male scientists to accept that there was a function and reason behind the elusive experience. Now scientists of both genders think they understand some of the purpose and … [Read more...]

How To Master The ULTIMATE Orgasm!


An orgasm gives some men the impression that the women should be responsible for stimulating themselves. This has always seemed a bit unfair to me, since the woman is providing him with the stimulation he needs to reach orgasm. So shouldn’t he do the same to give her an orgasm? However, when handled … [Read more...]

What All Guys Should Know About The Clitoris


A girl's clitoris is a complex yet fascinating sexual organ, one that provides many comparisons to your penis! While containing a similar shaft, with many differences in regards to how it looks and where it's placed, but with comparable functionality. For instance, few men can orgasm without direct … [Read more...]