Dirty Talk: What To Say & What Not To

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Dirty talk isn't always easy to engage in. You may be wondering if what comes out of your mouth is okay. Here are dirty talk phrases to avoid - and ones to use. Never, Ever Make Comparisons It’s best to never make comparisons during dirty talk. Though you may think your partner would be turned on to … [Read more...]

Oral Sex: How To Kiss The Clitoris


Oral sex is the best way to get your partner turned on and ready for sex - but first impressions matter. Here's how to start oral sex by kissing the clitoris. First impressions are always of high importance, but few more so than the first moment that your mouth touches your partner's vulva. If done … [Read more...]

Sex Tips: The Importance Of Communication


Sex tips can improve your sex life - here's how communicating with your lover is one of the best sex tips out there! Couples who communicate the best tend to have the happiest relationships. Those who can communicate about their sex needs, feelings and desires tend to have the best sex. Silence … [Read more...]

What Dirty Talk Can Do For Your Relationship


Dirty talk is an excellent way to heat up your sex life. Here's how to make dirty talk work for you! Dirty talk can increase the intensity and actual frequency of your sexual experience. It will improve your lovemaking as you communicate your desires with each other more often. And it will increase … [Read more...]