Make Him BEG For You – With Only 1 Easy Technique!


Sex is pretty simple for a fella - he puts it in and off he goes. Sure, men like foreplay too, but intercourse is where it's at for the guys. Once he's inside, he's home free. But what if you could tease him SO bad that he begs you to wrap your legs around him? What if you could make him want you so … [Read more...]

How To Give A Signature Blowjob


A blowjob can be run of the mill, or it can be amazing. Here's how to make the blowjob you give one to remember by developing your own signature style. I love to give head: but it’s amazing when you can drop to your knees to perform a blowjob on a guy and truly rock his world. And I don’t mean in … [Read more...]