Your Blowjob Questions – Answered (Part II)

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How To Make Your Lover Orgasm Faster During Oral Sex


Oral sex is fun, but when you're going down on someone for what seems like hours, it can get boring!. Here's how to make your lover orgasm fast during oral sex! Why You Want To Get Down To Business! When it comes down to oral sex, some people just dilly-dally. They do one thing or the other. This … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Get Her To Give You Head More Often


Blowjob tips are essential if you want to get good head in your relationship. Getting head is something no guy wants to turn down. But what if you're not being offered? Here are five things you can do to get your girl to want to suck you off. OK, even if your wife or girlfriend “sometimes” gives … [Read more...]