Dating Tips: How To Keep A Group Date From Becoming A Total Disaster


While dating is typically only about you and your significant other, there are times when you’ll end up heading out with other couples. Group dates can be highly enjoyable, especially when you’re with a group of mutual friends and have fun plans. They can also go horribly awry—the more people … [Read more...]

How Many Dates Should You Wait Before Going All The Way?


When you have sex with someone for the first time, it can be a wonderful new experience. It can also be a bit of a disaster, especially if you rush into things without thinking. Sometimes it can be hard to decide when the timing is right to become physically intimate. In addition to the pressure … [Read more...]

Top 10 First Date Ideas – Where To Go & What To Do


Coming up with original first date ideas isn't easy. You're looking for something that isn't cliche, something sweet and fun with just a hint of romance and sexual tension. You want everything to be perfect! Dinner and a movie is played out, so here are some amazing and unique first date ideas that … [Read more...]