How To Recover After Having Sex On The First Date


Having sex on the first meeting can really screw things up for you. But is it possible to put having sex behind you and start over? You messed up. You had too much wine, the lighting was just right or you gave into primal urges that you know you shouldn’t have. Now you’re looking for you panties as … [Read more...]

How To Get Her Into Your Bedroom – Tonight


Seduction is a game that you have to get good at if you want to get a woman in bed with you. Try these seduction tactics if you want to get laid tonight! So, we've all been there. You meet a woman that is really cool and you’ve been out with her a couple of times. Since you have taken her out for … [Read more...]

9 Ways To Get Laid On Vacation


The sex tips for your vacation is as follows: Get some! It's really not a very good get away if you can't get some action while you're away. Here's how you can get laid on your next trip! What She Said: Set the intention of finding a casual fling for your vacay – odds are you’ll meet someone with … [Read more...]