Do You Know The 5 Most Popular Sex Toys?


You've read about what we think are some of the greatest sex toys, lubes and condoms that are available on the market today, but we want to know what you think are the best sex toys around! Dan and I were sitting around talking the other day and wondering "what are the most popular sex toys?" Sure, … [Read more...]

Sex Toys 101: How To Buy Your First Vibrator


Many couples are discovering that vibrators and other sex toys can enhance their sex lives by adding a little fun and variety. And with masturbation - especially female masturbation (yes, it does happen) - being somewhat taboo in society today, a woman interested in pleasuring herself may have few … [Read more...]

Homemade Sex Toys – Should You Really Make Your Own?


Homemade sex toys - you've heard about them. The housewife who selects a perfectly shaped cucumber at the grocery store but won't be cooking with it, or the teenager who uses her spinning toothbrush on more than just her teeth.... With the availability of sex toys these days, not to mention just how … [Read more...]