The Female Libido Exposed


The female libido is a touchy subject - just what exactly is the female libido? Is it the same as a sex drive? How does it function, and what happens if someone has a high libido or a low one? Here are the answer's to the questions you're asking about the female libido, and answers to the questions … [Read more...]

He’s Just Not Interested in Sex


“I'm not interested in sex anymore...I’m only 28... What is wrong that I don't have the desire anymore?” “I'm not interested in sex with my partner anymore, I don't have any desire for it and I do it just for the sake of the marriage and I have to do it. I have no feelings at all and no … [Read more...]

Not Having Enough Sex? Here’s The Secret To Increasing Her Sex Drive


One of the most common points of conflict for couples in a long-term relationship is the loss of sexual desire for the woman. The loss of sex drive for women may occur for a variety of reasons, some of which may be physiological, but putting all those aside for another conversation, it may surprise … [Read more...]