G-Spot Amplification: What Everybody Ought to Know About The “G-Shot”


Do you know how to find the G-Spot?  Despite the tales of mind-blowing, bone-jarring sexual escapades, millions of women have never experienced a G-spot orgasm through intercourse. It remains a frustration in spite of our bodies' seemingly-perfect design to tap into that well of pleasure. In fact, … [Read more...]

Love, Sex, or Money? The Three Biggest Reasons Couples Fight and How They Can Be Avoided?


It's a fact of life. Almost all couples fight! Some arguments are mild and others are really knock down drag out fights where one or both partners come out breathless and wounded. Not surprisingly, the reasons that couples fight aren't all that different from couple to couple. They're often the … [Read more...]

Is My Girlfriend Using Me Or Is Her Love Real?


Usually it's the other way around, but sometimes a man will be ready for a steady relationship and his girlfriend begins pulling away. It can be confusing if you've started staying the night with your girlfriend or even taken the relationship to another level when your girlfriend starts to pull … [Read more...]