Balanced Relationships: You, Me and We


One thing I notice in a lot of couples who come through my door is a lack of balance in their relationship. What do I mean by this? When two people come together there are now three parts to this system; “you,” “me,” and “we.” Imagine if you draw two overlapping circles. There are three parts – the … [Read more...]

Healthy Relationships: Assessing the Emotional Safety


Couples seek relationship counseling for numerous reasons. As a professional who works with many different couples with a variety of issues, I’ve identified one similar thread that runs through all of them.Their relationships lack in varying degrees of “emotional safety.” Typically, the couples who … [Read more...]

Want More Sex? Here’s how…


Regardless of what you may think. Sex happens in the brain.  Our ability to feel desire, the things that turn us on, the things that make us reach climax all happen in the brain. So, if you want more sex, it’s reasonable to assume you should know more about the brain. I’ll give you the primer … [Read more...]

Who Are You And What Have You Done With My Partner?


When I got married I was such a happy person. My husband was gentle, kind, giving, and such a great dad.  It came as a complete shock to me the first time he got angry with me. You see, I am an anger phobic from way back.  I will never forget cringing as my grandmother screamed at my mentally … [Read more...]