How To Master The ULTIMATE Orgasm!


An orgasm gives some men the impression that the women should be responsible for stimulating themselves. This has always seemed a bit unfair to me, since the woman is providing him with the stimulation he needs to reach orgasm. So shouldn’t he do the same to give her an orgasm? However, when handled … [Read more...]

5 More Female Orgasm Myths You Think Are TRUE


A female orgasm is associated with a lot of myths. Here are 5 of the most common myths that men think are true. 1. Women Can Only Reach Orgasm Through Vaginal Intercourse This is a myth that has caused many men and women over the years to take the sexual needs of a woman for granted. This myth was … [Read more...]

Handjob Tips & Secrets Guaranteed to Give ALL Men Intoxicating Pleasure!


A handjob isn't something most women immediately go to when they think if giving their man the most incredible pleasure possible. Most girls will go straight to a blowjob (which certainly isn't a bad option at all) or sex. But did you know that in a confidential survey, 82% of men admitted they … [Read more...]

How To Get Him Off With The Handjob Of His Life


A handjob is probably going to take you back to the days of middle school behind the bleachers or in your parent’s basement. While a handjob is not the most erotic act that you can perform on your guy, it can easily keep them interested in your sex life. This sex act is nostalgic and can be a great … [Read more...]

How To Choose The Right Dildo For You


Sex toys are great fun, but there are so many to select from, it's hard to pick! Use these tips to find the perfect one to meet your needs - and desires! A dildo is one of the most implemented sex toys in the lives of couples and singles around the world. If you are ready to buy your first dildo … [Read more...]