How To Give Multiple Orgasms Like A Porn Star


Multiple orgasms are considered the "holy grail" of sex for women - if you can give her more than one, you're golden. Porn stars are often looked at as "sex gurus" - and in a way, they are. They do it A LOT more than the average person. Adult films are known for featuring some of the hottest women … [Read more...]

What Are Multiple Orgasms And How Can I Give Them?


Have you ever wondered if the phenomenon called multiple orgasms really does exist? Ask a woman who has experienced it and you will know that this really happens. Some women may not be able to describe to you exactly what they felt, but if they tell you it’s a prolonged version of an orgasm, it’s … [Read more...]

How To Have Multiple Orgasms With Tantric Sex


The multiple orgasm has become somewhat of a sexual Holy Grail; often eluded to as the ultimate sexual experience, but frustratingly hard to achieve. It seems as though multiple orgasms should be filed away as relationship urban myth, desirable and yet unachievable as it may be. Yes, Multiple … [Read more...]

3-Before-Me: A Proven Guideline For Great Sex


Have you ever heard of the "3-Before-Me" rule? Simply put, it means that you do whatever it takes to make your woman experience an orgasm 3 times before you even allow her to start pleasuring you. Now, just the thought of this may tire you out but we're not really talking about orgasms during … [Read more...]