Q&A: Help! My Girlfriend Does NOT Want Me To Use A Condom


While using a condom is a great way to protect yourself and your partner from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, not everyone likes the way a condom feels. Both men and women can find condoms uncomfortable, and many find it harder to orgasm when using one. Are there other ways to prevent … [Read more...]

Q&A: Help! My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want To Use A Condom!


While many couples decide together to use condoms during sex, some couples don't agree on condom use. Your partner may not be advocating for the use of a condom, or he may actually be downright against it! Some guys don't like the way sex feels with a condom on, but is that a good reason to make sex … [Read more...]

Q&A: Ladies – Masturbation And Your Period


When teenagers and women begin masturbating, with it comes lots of questions. If you've begun having your monthly cycle or have been having your cycle and it suddenly stops in conjunction with regular masturbation, you may be wondering if masturbation is to blame for the disappearance of your … [Read more...]