How To Approach Women – Doing It Naturally


When dating, approaching girls can feel awkward and staged. When someone that is simply good with women approaches a girl, they do not have a scripted line all made up for them to say to a girl. They simply see a girl they like and they go over to talk to them. It can be frustrating to watch, but in … [Read more...]

The Weighty Issues of A Relationship: When Your Partner Becomes Less Attractive To You


While your partner's appearance is likely not the top (or even tenth) reason you love him or her, it is still of some importance. Physical attraction can ensure your sex life stays exciting and it can keep you feeling appreciative of one another. In an ideal world, we would look as fresh-faced and … [Read more...]

Q&A: When She Says You Deserve Someone Better


Asking a girl out, or telling a girl that you have romantic feelings for her, can be intimidating. If she returns your feelings, great. If she doesn't, that's ok too. But what if she tells you that you deserve someone better? What does it mean? Does she like you but have poor self esteem, or is she … [Read more...]