Sex Tips: The Importance Of Communication


Sex tips can improve your sex life - here's how communicating with your lover is one of the best sex tips out there! Couples who communicate the best tend to have the happiest relationships. Those who can communicate about their sex needs, feelings and desires tend to have the best sex. Silence … [Read more...]

Q&A: G-Spot Orgasm: How To Push Her Over The Edge


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Foreplay – Why You Never Want To Skip It, Ever


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Last Longer In Bed Tonight With These 5 Simple Tricks


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Orgasm Tips – How The Orgasm Cycle Works In Men And Women


An orgasm is the icing on the cake when it comes to sex, but men and women don't experience an orgasm the same way. Here's how to understand the difference. The “Human Sexual Response” is a cycle of 4 stages. They are: Excitement Plateau Orgasm Resolution Stage One - Excitement This happens … [Read more...]