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“We will answer your questions openly, honestly, and without bias or judgment. Question Everything!”

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Our mission is to help people create conscious relationships based on love and acceptance rather than fear, jealousy, anger, and ownership. It’s time to move on from outdated ideas about love and sex.

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Our purpose is to help millions of people find peace and happiness in their relationships, and in their lives.

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“Ask Dan & Jennifer is what you wish sex-ed had been at school – only much better” – Cosmopolitan

“Sex advice couple Dan and Jennifer soothe the perverted beasts inside us with bubbly earnestness and Appletinis… While Dan Savage gets into tangles with the furries, and Violet Blue teaches us how to have strap-on sex, these two beaming betties make Sue Johanson look like a Blanche Devereaux “ – Nerve.com

“The Wikipedia of Whoopee” – DFW.com

“Dan and Jennifer consistently make some of our favorite videos about sex-related health.” – YourTango Magazine

“They’re making sex talk fun again, one Web user at a time.” – Joanna Cattanach, Founder/Editor Chick Talk Dallas

“Questions about dating, relationships, love and sex, or just want to see how to use blogging and online video in one of the most lucrative niches around? Check out Dan and Jennifer.” – Brian Clark, Editor CopyBlogger.com

“Their style is down-home and straight forward – think Dr. Phil meets Dr. Ruth.” – Mark Brooks, Online Personals Watch

“The best way to describe Ask Dan & Jennifer is that it’s like the sex-ed class you never got in high school… but always wanted.” – Ettore Mazzei, Editor Fit & Sexed

“You guys are great, entertaining, educational and fun! I look forward to each new video! keep up the great work! ~Nat” – Natalie, a Facebook fan

“Keep up the great work – the world needs Dan & Jennifer…” – Ethan Imboden, Founder JimmyJane

“In case you’ve somehow been on a trek through the Himalayas for the last year and missed the latest on YouTube, this is THE hottest and most popular couple there! They are the most fun and do the best, most sex-positive work in promoting freedom of expression in a sex-positive manner. We love these guys and HIGHLY recommend that you check out their YouTube videos, and of course their AskDanAndJennifer.com website, right away.” – Scott & Nicoleta, Founders Kasidie.com

“The only dating and relationship content I have ever found interesting and engaging.” – Everton Blair, Editor Connected Internet

“We love the Ask Dan & Jennifer website. Dan and Jennifer cover everything related to sexuality and relationships with a fun, non-judging tone. Be careful when you visit. The site is addictive and you can spend hours reading articles!” – Judy Pfleger, Founder Hair Care Down There

“The two of you are so uber effin COOL!!!” – a YouTube fan

“We really wanted to hate them, but they’re just too f*#$%&@ lovable” – Hate Talk Radio

“Hi Dan and Jenn, I am only 14. I am not having any sex or making girls pregnant or any of that. I wont do it till I am 18! but I love your videos because when I become older I will have experience, and a lot of info. THANK YOU for making such wonderful videos. Zach” – Rudolph, a YouTube fan

“I’m 16 & I learned a lot about sex, condoms, and g-spots, thanks Dan & Jenn. I have you thank when me and my partner have sex the correct way.” – a YouTube fan

“One of the best sex advice sites on the web! I try to keep up to date with these things, and Dan & Jennifer’s site is one of the very few I return to again and again. Great job guys!” – Rose Rivera, Editor SpeakSexy.com

“Ask Dan and Jennifer has become the premiere site about relationships and sexuality on the internet. Dan and Jennifer, in addition to providing value themselves via their articles and videos, have brought together key experts in the areas of marriage, sexuality, dating and astrology, making it the go-to destination for insight into the mysteries of love and partnership.” – Jeffrey Kishner, Editor Seduction Central

“The only thing that Dan and Jennifer do better than dispensing priceless videos and blog posts about relationships, dating, love, etc., is their stark willingness to help others! Awesome folks!” – Aaron Potts, Surfside Fitness

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