The South Rises Again – In Pregnancies


I have nothing against Southerners.I want to say that up front because I’ve traveled around the southern part of America a few times and found myself admiring the beautiful lands, the great food, and the good people of the South. As a Northerner I always have this fear of being discovered for my … [Read more...]

On Tiger Woods, And Adultery


Let me state publically I am not a Justin Timberlake fan at all. His acting and even his stints on commercials and on Saturday Night Live I can handle, but his music and singing leaves me hallow. But in one moment I looked past my own personal dislike for the man’s abilities and saw him as a fellow … [Read more...]

The “Right” Going The Wrong Way Down Sexual Drive


I hereby ask all religious groups, Christian “family” organizations, and churches everywhere who for years pushed for every law against sex to be drawn to disband and withdraw from the culture wars you've waged on America. Your arguments over abortion, same sex marriage, and the like no longer hold … [Read more...]