Sex Toys – Let Adults Enjoy the Right to Buy and Sell Them


There are many threats facing our nation today: global warming, the economy, terrorism, health care, etc.But none of these stack up against the greatest threat facing us today: the proliferation of sex toys. At least it was a problem in the state of Texas until a Federal Appeals court overturned a … [Read more...]

Is There A Place For Pornography In ANY Relationship?


It is one of the most thankless jobs in the world. Men and women sprawling on makeshift movie sets--indoors or outdoors, rain or shine--to bring the public what they want to see: Sex and nakedness on their local tube or computer screen. Porn is a booming business From posing naked bodies to oral sex … [Read more...]

Abstinence Only? Does it Really Work?


Shelby Knox is one of my biggest heroes!Who is she? She was a Lubbock, Texas high school student (she’s now in college as of this writing), a church attendee, and comes from a conservative home. Knox was also the subject of the PBS series “P.O.V.” called “The Education of Shelby Knox” where she is … [Read more...]

Think Masturbation is Wrong? Here’s The REAL Truth…


This is how messed up my understanding of faith and sexuality was as a believer in Jesus. In order to show myself worthy and approved, in order to make sure I can present myself pure before God, self-love was not an option for a believer because it was seen as a sin against God.Masturbation means … [Read more...]