Make Long Distance Relationships Successful


Long distance relationships are tough. Think about it - maintaining a happy partnership is hard enough to accomplish on its own. When you put miles of actual distance between the people in one, it’s even more difficult to make things work. Some people are better at long distance relationships than … [Read more...]

Want A Better Sex Life? You Don’t Have to Break Up To Get It


Sex is an essential component in every intimate partnership and without it, the partnership can suffer. Whether you’re just having a dry spell, or you’ve recently discovered that you and your new love interest aren’t physically compatible, it’s no fun when the sex is bad.What if everything else is … [Read more...]

Are Online Dating Sites Worthwhile?


Though online dating services once held a certain stigma, they are now commonly used by hopeful relationship seekers. If you’ve been afraid to sign up for one, fearing that you’ll only meet antisocial geeks, you may be missing out. All sorts of people are finding boyfriends, girlfriends, and even … [Read more...]