eXtreme Sex Ed: Help! I Feel Like A Spectator During Sex!


If you're new at sex or are just new to your partner, it might be difficult for you to get "into" your partner.Things might seem awkward at first and it can be frustration to experience sexual intimacy with your partner without being really "into" it. How can you get more into your partner and … [Read more...]

In Love and Dating… Does Our Age Difference Really Matter?


In the day in age where celebrity couples and other couples are dating even though they're five or even ten years apart in age, it can lead many people to believe that age doesn't matter when dating or getting married.In truth, it does matter but it matters less and less as you get older. Should … [Read more...]

Are You Sabotaging Your Relationships Without Even Knowing It?


Have you ever noticed yourself falling into an ever familiar pattern of self sabotage shortly after entering into a new relationship?Self sabotage can take many forms such as engaging in addictive behaviors (i.e. drugs, alcohol, pornography, work , etc), engaging in affairs, withdrawing … [Read more...]

eXtreme Sex Ed: I Feel Like I Have To Pee During Oral Sex!


Feeling like you have to urinate during oral sex, or any other type of sexual activity, can be quite unnerving the first time it happens. If it happens often, you might become even more confused or be tempted to avoid oral sex all together.Is it normal to feel like you have to urinate during oral … [Read more...]